2017 QB Jaylon Banks Offered By LA Tech

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Congratulations to Next Level Athletix  2017 QB Jaylon Banks from Oswego, IL. Banks announced today that he has been offered a football scholarship from the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. We recently caught up with Banks at the Chicago Showcase, where he felt right at home doing what he enjoys best, spinning the ball. Banks was extremely impressive displaying great arm strength and effortlessly hitting his receivers deep. He credits his superior footwork to his QB instructor, Greg Holcomb founder of nxtlevelatx.com . Holcomb stated at the Chicago Showcase that Banks should do well this season on the camp circuit because of his great technique and his commitment to the position.

Banks reported on the Sound Mind Sound Body Talk Show this week that he will possibly attend three of their six city camp tours in Detroit, Houston and Atlanta. He said “it’s about competing outside of my city.”  Keep your eyes on Jaylon Banks this summer and continue to follow him this season @JayAlpha15banks.



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