FAQQ: How much does it cost to create a profile?

A: Absolutely nothing! It’s free to create a profile on The Play Book.

Q: How do I create my Scout Card?

A: Before you are able to create your Scout Card, you must first create a profile. Once your profile has been created, you will then have the option to create your Scout Card.

Q: How much does it cost to create my Scout Card?

A: To create, edit, and update your Scout Card costs $50.00 per year. The Scout Card allows you to take your athletic profile and share it with the world. Take advantage of the social media integrations and Meta tag features that will land your Scout Card on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, and all of the other major search engines.

Q: Who is looking at my Scout Card?

A: Everybody! Be sure to add the most recent content to your Scout Card. Coaches, Trainers, Colleges, and The Play Book are all interested in what you have to say!

Q: Will I get recruited if I join The Play Book?

A: In order to get recruited the sports world must first know who you are. The Play Book provides the stage for you to be seen. Lights, camera, action!