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Episode #4: “What’s Next for SMSB” 

On this Monday’s Sound Mind Sound Body Football Radio Show, SMSB Football co-founder Curtis Blackwell was along to discuss the NCAA’s ban of satellite camps and its subsequent impact on SMSB going forward.

Along with what was a can’t miss interview with Blackwell, Detroit East English Village head coach Rod Oden, a key supporter of SMSB since its inception 12 years ago, called in to the show to give his reaction to the NCAA’s ban of satellite camps plus to share his thoughts on SMSB’s impact on high school football players over the years.

Oden, who coached Iowa CB Desmond King at East English and at Detroit Crockett before it closed down, also talked about what separates SMSB from other football camps.

You can listen to the entirety of episode #4, which also featured Unsigned Preps’ national recruiting consultant Levi Bradley and Elite Talent Football Academy founder/head Derrick Tatum, by going to .

Memorable soundbites:

Curtis Blackwell –

smsb bus 3On the NCAA’s ban of satellite camps, “Most important part is that it (ruling) affects kids in (the) Class of 2017.”

On the impact of the NCAA’s ruling, “It (ruling) really changes everything for young people.” He added, “Less coaches at camps mean less scholarship offers.”

On the quickness of the NCAA’s decision, “It was sort of a knee-jerk reaction; not enough input from other individuals to talk about (a) compromise.”

On the cost of attending Michigan State’s camp, “Here at Michigan State, a camp probably costs $75. And that’s for our one day camp.”According to Blackwell, the average cost for a camp held on a college campus is $50-$75.

On what SMSB has provided to high schoolers, “Hope is everything for young people.” According to Blackwell, this hope provided by SMSB has helped young kids keep their grades up, among other things.

On what the NCAA ruling takes away, “You’re taking away the most positive thing from young people, (which is) a glimmer of hope.”

Oden –

On what SMSB has provided young people with, “Students, like (Iowa CB) Desmond King (a no star athlete), was given the opportunity to compete.”

On high school coaches having an influential voice in NCAA matters, “We don’t feel like we have a voice with the NCAA.”

On SMSB’s widespread impact, “(SMSB) served as a one-stop shop.” He added that this especially applied to under-the-radar guys as well as for those with parents who struggle to make ends meet and are “Uber drivers.”

On the impact of SMSB for high school coaches in attendance, “(SMSB) was a coaches’ certification.” He also brought up that because of the ruling, youth/HS coaches will now be missing out on professional building and networking opportunities.

Levi Bradley –

levi aa

On the decision handed down by the NCAA, “If it was about the student, we’d be talking about satellite camps still going on.”

 On the impact of SMSB, “I’ve seen a lot of kids who had little to nothing going get something going.”

Derrick Tatum –

tatumOn what SMSB emphasizes, “(SMSB) talks about being a better man.”

On the impact of the NCAA’s ruling, “We have to really show the NCAA that it’s bigger than them. It’s about the kids.”

On the impact of SMSB, “This camp changes lives, man. And we’re not going to stop changing lives because of one rule.”


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